Farmers on Tour

Muhraay in Münster!

For our weekend before pentecost we went to FKT’s 22nd edition in Münster. We wanted to rock that: FKT should have been our preparation tournament for the German championship in june. No chance! Only five people could make it to Münster. However, the Farmers have friends everywhere in the world, so we set up a new team: FARMERS & FRIENDS. Thanks to massive support from Wuppertal, Oldenburg, Münster, Lübeck, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt we did have terrific fun.

We succeeded in our first pool games against Ilmenau and Porta Pirates from Trier, in which our rookie Marvin scored twice. Third in the row was Jungspunde from Münster. In a gigantic and intense Ultimate Game Greenhorn beat us. We lost our next game against the Dutchhumans because of a suprising play. There was no chance to reach the semi-finals. In our last game on saturday we won against our close friends from Hamburg Alsters. On sunday, we lost our two point lead and ultimately lost against Frizzly Bears from Aachen. We finished on 11th place after we have succeeded against the Caracals from Wuppertal.

Special thanks to all our Pick-Up-Players!! Wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you Indis for an unbelievable tournament, to all our FRIENDS and all people who were in charge of the tournament. See you soon!