Farmers on Tour

Intensive Ultimate at Fackel Up in Braunschweig

A beautifully mixed team of players from Studentenfutter, Farmers (old and new ones) and massive support from Berlin and Italy started to throw the discs down the green fields.

Our first match on saturday against Feldmädchen from Mainz was a very tight one. In the end neither we nor the others could win. What an ultimate experience!! Feldmädchen from Mainz won, in the end, the tournament’s spirit award with good reasons as we found out. Unfortunately, we lost the next three games against Goldfinger Ultimate Club, Washed with all Waters and Frisbee Fieber Gießen. We just couldn’t handle it 😀 though, we never lost our spirit and energy and succeeded against Airpussies in our last game of the day – 11:7!

In this year’s beer race we could compete in the semi finals and lost! Die Sieben Todsünden gained a lot of fame and honor for winning the beer race. Following that, we enjoyed ourselves and this unbelievable buffet. At this point, big round of applause to Torpot for an amazing and thrilling meal and for the organization of the tournament. It seemed that we didn’t shake our booties ’til the end, so Schleudertrauma grabbed the party award.

Sunday morning, it was derby time. Farmers versus Fischkutter. 10:5! No words needed. After a really tight fight against Gdpfriends with benefits we won this challenging game. In our last game of the tournament, deine Mudder from Bremen cleaned us up and we lost 6:15.

Scoring: 19. A little bit shaky at the beginning we could improve during the tournament and could grow – mentally and physically! It was wicked! Thank you!

See you soon! Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere!

3-2-1: Farmers’ love!