German Championships

Flying in the wind

This time we, again, played in an official tournament in Warnemünde. The second division in mixed ultimate called teams from all over Germany to come to the Baltic Sea for a little rendezvous. The baltic sea prepared quite heavy wind blows which challenged all teams in the sand. Right on time for our games the sun burned our skins. (we should have used sunscreen for protection purposes) Feeling the sand squeezing between the toes engaged us to lay out where ever possible.

We started with an intense game against our friends from Hannover (Funaten) but in the end we lost. 2:9! Two further losses against Göttinger 7 and Drehst’n Deckel followed. On sunday, the wind got weaker and weaker and we could excel in our game against Rotor Berlin. 11:5! We lost our last game though, against Torpedo Phoenix from Dortmund.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves and had a blast in Warnemünde! We’ll come back, for sure!

Congratulations to Darkroom for winning the second division in this year’s championship.

German Championships

German Championships Nord-West 3rd/4th league Mixed in Lüneburg

A week after Farmvillecup the German championships are coming to Lüneburg.

The following teams play in the 3rd league