Farmers on Tour

Intensive Ultimate at Fackel Up in Braunschweig

A beautifully mixed team of players from Studentenfutter, Farmers (old and new ones) and massive support from Berlin and Italy started to throw the discs down the green fields.

Our first match on saturday against Feldmädchen from Mainz was a very tight one. In the end neither we nor the others could win. What an ultimate experience!! Feldmädchen from Mainz won, in the end, the tournament’s spirit award with good reasons as we found out. Unfortunately, we lost the next three games against Goldfinger Ultimate Club, Washed with all Waters and Frisbee Fieber Gießen. We just couldn’t handle it 😀 though, we never lost our spirit and energy and succeeded against Airpussies in our last game of the day – 11:7!

In this year’s beer race we could compete in the semi finals and lost! Die Sieben Todsünden gained a lot of fame and honor for winning the beer race. Following that, we enjoyed ourselves and this unbelievable buffet. At this point, big round of applause to Torpot for an amazing and thrilling meal and for the organization of the tournament. It seemed that we didn’t shake our booties ’til the end, so Schleudertrauma grabbed the party award.

Sunday morning, it was derby time. Farmers versus Fischkutter. 10:5! No words needed. After a really tight fight against Gdpfriends with benefits we won this challenging game. In our last game of the tournament, deine Mudder from Bremen cleaned us up and we lost 6:15.

Scoring: 19. A little bit shaky at the beginning we could improve during the tournament and could grow – mentally and physically! It was wicked! Thank you!

See you soon! Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere!

3-2-1: Farmers’ love!

Farmers on Tour

Muhraay in Münster!

For our weekend before pentecost we went to FKT’s 22nd edition in Münster. We wanted to rock that: FKT should have been our preparation tournament for the German championship in june. No chance! Only five people could make it to Münster. However, the Farmers have friends everywhere in the world, so we set up a new team: FARMERS & FRIENDS. Thanks to massive support from Wuppertal, Oldenburg, Münster, Lübeck, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt we did have terrific fun.

We succeeded in our first pool games against Ilmenau and Porta Pirates from Trier, in which our rookie Marvin scored twice. Third in the row was Jungspunde from Münster. In a gigantic and intense Ultimate Game Greenhorn beat us. We lost our next game against the Dutchhumans because of a suprising play. There was no chance to reach the semi-finals. In our last game on saturday we won against our close friends from Hamburg Alsters. On sunday, we lost our two point lead and ultimately lost against Frizzly Bears from Aachen. We finished on 11th place after we have succeeded against the Caracals from Wuppertal.

Special thanks to all our Pick-Up-Players!! Wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you Indis for an unbelievable tournament, to all our FRIENDS and all people who were in charge of the tournament. See you soon!

Farmers on Tour

Let’s take a bus to Berlin!

Spring, sun and beach – perfect conditions for our first beach tournament of the season. SUFF (Summer Ultimate Frisbee Frisbee) by HundFlachWerfen. We took our party bus to travel to Müggelsee in Berlin, to ultimately feel sand squeezing through our toes and, of course, to throw some discs. Unlike other tournaments, we could enjoy our stay in three bungalows. After four exhausting games full of sprints, layouts and a lot of sweat we recovered while having amazing food prpared by Volksküche, while enjoying the cold water of Müggelsee, as well as while sweltering in an on-site sauna. This time, we, unfortunately, could not compete for the party’s victory! Nevertheless, we wriggled to some electro tunes.

We finished the tournament on a sufficient 11th place out of 16. We warmly congratulate our fellow mates from the Jan Ulrich Foundation who won the tournament!

Special thanks to HundFlachWerfen for a fanatastic tournament at Müggelsee with delicious food, an on-site sauna and a beach within walking distance. HipHip Muhraay!!

See you soon at FarmVilleCup2018!!


Farmers on Tour

Farmers take second place at Affentheater (Bochum)!

Last weekend Farmers travelled to Bochum. Bonobos Bochum Ultimate invited to a special tournament with lots of disciplines: Goaltimate, Spikeball, Beerpong and Ultimate. Farmers lost only one round of Beerpong which granted us a place at the tournament final (played in ultimate).

In a very close final with a great atmosphere Farmers lost to Düsseldorf with 13:14. Therefore, Farmers finished with fabulous second place and with the spirit award!

Many thanks to Bonobos for the great weekend! Thank you for making the Affentheater great again!

Farmers on Tour

Farmers 3rd at Valentinsglühen 2018 in Hannover!

A fantastic “Valentinsglühen 2018” took place and Farmers came 3rd!

A big thanks to Funaten, who – yet again – organised a tournament “full of love”! We also thank all other participating teams for the hot games and their love on the field and beyond.



Final Standings

1. RotPot
2. Liebe Ahoi
3. Farmers
4. DMB
5. Bayreuth
6. Bonnsai
7. Schleudertrauma
8. Indiscutabel
9. Murmeltiere
10. Fischkutter
11. A-Team
12. Friesengeister

More info and pictures on the website of Funatics e.V.!