Wintermelken 2019

Wintermelken 2019 registration is open

Wintermelken wants to be repeated. We, the Farmers from Lüneburg, invite you to our second indoor tournament.

The registration is open until 03.12.2019.

Here are the facts:

  • 19. – 20.1.2019
  • Arrival on Friday possible
  •  Sleeping in a beautiful and soft hall
  •  Farmers breakfast on Saturday and Sunday (organic, vegetarian and vegan – simply awesome)
  • At noon salads and one or the other delicacy are served once again
  • Saturday evening again a really nice Sause


  • 5 vs 5 Indoor
  • real mixed (for more balanced gender relations!)
  • Team fee: 100 Euro
  • Playersfee: within the usual limits

We are already very much looking forward to the flying discs and all the cow transports that will find their way to Lüneburg.

With peasant greetings
Your Farmers from Lüneburg. #FarmersLove

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by mail ( or FB.


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German Championships

Flying in the wind

This time we, again, played in an official tournament in Warnemünde. The second division in mixed ultimate called teams from all over Germany to come to the Baltic Sea for a little rendezvous. The baltic sea prepared quite heavy wind blows which challenged all teams in the sand. Right on time for our games the sun burned our skins. (we should have used sunscreen for protection purposes) Feeling the sand squeezing between the toes engaged us to lay out where ever possible.

We started with an intense game against our friends from Hannover (Funaten) but in the end we lost. 2:9! Two further losses against Göttinger 7 and Drehst’n Deckel followed. On sunday, the wind got weaker and weaker and we could excel in our game against Rotor Berlin. 11:5! We lost our last game though, against Torpedo Phoenix from Dortmund.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves and had a blast in Warnemünde! We’ll come back, for sure!

Congratulations to Darkroom for winning the second division in this year’s championship.

Farmers on Tour

German University’s Championships

On July 23rd/24th, 2018, the Ultimate Frisbee team from Leuphana University took the chance to challenge themselves in this year’s German University’s Championships in Kiel. The players tried to collect as much points as possible in games full of rain, wind and a little bit of sunshine. We won 4 games out of ten. Therefore, we could not play in quarter finals and we only reached placement 20 out of 23.

Nevertheless, we were not only in good shape on the fields. We danced and sang to local music from Lüneburg like “leuphana-girl” or the song of Lüneburg on the camp ground and on the sideline, while gathering other player around us. During long interruptions between the games, we used our time wisely to keep up friendships and relationships we have made so far.

The team from Munich could bring the trophy back home after the finals. They won against the team from Aachen. The victory of the spirit was gained by TU Berlin. We could reach the 4th.

During the upcoming winter term we offer training sessions for rookies and more advanced players. Either register online for beginner’s training session and/or the more advanced version. Everyone is happily invited. Any knowledge about the sports is not necessary.

Farmers on Tour

Intensive Ultimate at Fackel Up in Braunschweig

A beautifully mixed team of players from Studentenfutter, Farmers (old and new ones) and massive support from Berlin and Italy started to throw the discs down the green fields.

Our first match on saturday against Feldmädchen from Mainz was a very tight one. In the end neither we nor the others could win. What an ultimate experience!! Feldmädchen from Mainz won, in the end, the tournament’s spirit award with good reasons as we found out. Unfortunately, we lost the next three games against Goldfinger Ultimate Club, Washed with all Waters and Frisbee Fieber Gießen. We just couldn’t handle it 😀 though, we never lost our spirit and energy and succeeded against Airpussies in our last game of the day – 11:7!

In this year’s beer race we could compete in the semi finals and lost! Die Sieben Todsünden gained a lot of fame and honor for winning the beer race. Following that, we enjoyed ourselves and this unbelievable buffet. At this point, big round of applause to Torpot for an amazing and thrilling meal and for the organization of the tournament. It seemed that we didn’t shake our booties ’til the end, so Schleudertrauma grabbed the party award.

Sunday morning, it was derby time. Farmers versus Fischkutter. 10:5! No words needed. After a really tight fight against Gdpfriends with benefits we won this challenging game. In our last game of the tournament, deine Mudder from Bremen cleaned us up and we lost 6:15.

Scoring: 19. A little bit shaky at the beginning we could improve during the tournament and could grow – mentally and physically! It was wicked! Thank you!

See you soon! Somewhere. Anywhere. Everywhere!

3-2-1: Farmers’ love!

sexual violence

Ultimate as a safe sport for everybody

The following text was written in German and translated using an online tool ( To read the German original switch to the German version of the website.


Dear readers,

unfortunately there was a sexualized assault on a non-player on one of our guests at one of our last tournaments. Even if we cannot undo the incident, we want to do everything possible to deal with it as well as possible and prevent something similar from happening in the future. We have therefore sent an email to all teams who were our guests in Lüneburg in June 2018 (see below), and we are grateful if together we can make our beloved sport a safe place for everyone!

Take care, your Farmers.


Attention: Trigger warning! Description of sexualised violence/abusive behaviour +++

Dear teams, dear guests of the Ultimate Farmers Lüneburg, dear players: inside the Farmvillecup 2018 and the Outdoor Mixed DM 3rd and 4th League Northwest,

We do not like to write this mail, but it is necessary. We hope you can read them carefully and talk to your teammates about sexualized violence. As far as the past is concerned, in our view there is currently no acute need for action – but in cooperation with you and the Ultimate Community, we want to be able to prevent such incidents in the future and react appropriately to border crossings at an early stage. Ways can be: transparency, exchange, reflection and awareness – let’s make our sport a safe and beautiful place for everyone.

Incident and official procedure

On the last Mixed DM Sunday (June 17, 2018) there was a sexualized assault of a non-player on a player of the tournament at the VfL Lüneburg in the changing room of the showers. The person concerned was able to leave the situation and describes himself as physically unharmed. Their team then informed us and in consultation with the person concerned we called in the police, who also appeared directly on site with four people. A complaint was filed, but the person concerned was able to provide a precise description of the person involved, which could not be found on the premises on that day. We finally communicated the incident directly to all the teams present (via tournament chat and orally at the Orga tent) and asked them to take care of each other and shower only in the group.

Through conversations with many players about the incident and the description of the person who acted, it became clear that he was also seen by others on the premises. Also, some of you remembered seeing the person the weekend before – at the FarmvilleCup (9/10 June 2018) – not only on the field, but also in the showers – and she was both dressed and undressed.

Thanks to many helpful and compassionate people, in the following days we were able to collect some photos and many written memoirs, which we handed over anonymously to the Lüneburg police. This is currently (as of July 20, 2018), however, still in search of the perpetrator, an application has been filed with the public prosecutor’s office to release an effective search. If the person is found and identified, a charge of sexual assault, among other things, is to be expected.

Significance of the incident for the community

It was quite conspicuous for us in the stories about experiences from the shower rooms that many of us were very anxious to ignore, excuse or minimize the (permanently) encroaching behaviour of this person there. When an unknown man and obviously no Ultimate player is standing at the sink and two naked players are taking a shower… when an unknown man and obviously no Ultimate player is showering and masturbating for three quarters of an hour, while other players:shower inside right next door… when an unknown man and obviously no Ultimate player tries to get into the dressing room alone with a player, which is prevented by the active presence of an attentive player – and not only no one dares to say something about the person himself or to inform the organizer:inside, but also in the stories that have now taken place

sorry, since it is certainly not so important what you say, since it is only “a flash in the head” or “definitely pure imagination”… then we know: we don’t want to go on like this.

We understand these countless incidents as a blatant attack on the (felt) freedom existing in the Ultimate Frisbee, our openness, the informal togetherness, on the integrity of our person – and the trust that everyone already respects the rules and limits…

Of course, all this would be at least as fatal if this man were a person we know and/or who plays Ultimate herself – the fact that this was not the case in this case does not really matter for the severity of the assault, in our opinion. It can perhaps be identified differently and we can find a concrete way of dealing with such cases. However, we think that we must become much more sensitive not only to the outside, but also to the inside – within the teams, trainings, tournaments, parties – for crossing borders and promoting the spirit of mutual respectful cooperation.

Steps of reappraisal, possibilities for action:

We, the Ultimate Frisbee Lüneburg team, therefore see a great need for action based on our experience described above and find it important to approach the topic of sexualised violence openly and transparently. For the concrete refurbishment this means first of all:

1. to accompany the persons concerned and to cooperate with the police

We are in close contact with the local police and support them in their work. We offer support and assistance to affected persons as required. If you or any of your team were a victim of sexualised violence during the FarmvilleCup or the Mixed-DM, please contact us. We treat all information with the utmost care.

2. information of the association VfL Lüneburg and the associated institutions

We have informed the VfL Lüneburg, the innkeeper:inside and the German Frisbeesportverband (DFV) about the incident.

3. measures and precautions

We, the players of Ultimate Farmers Lüneburg, develop measures to make everyone present at our trainings and tournaments feel safe and comfortable. We develop a guide for our tournaments (Awareness contact person/group, “Safe-Space” for players: inside, information/emergency number in the team folders and at the Orgatisch, etc.). Through this we hope that we can offer our guests more security and quick support if required.

4. discussion on sexualised violence at association level (DFV):

We want a discussion on sexualised violence at association level, as we suspect that we are not the only team that knows such or similar experiences. We are committed to developing joint solutions and options for action. The Frisbee community should continue to act with zest for life, tolerance and openness – this also includes knowing, preserving and respecting boundaries. The protection of these borders must be defined and, as we claim, further consolidated at association level. A greater awareness of the issue of sexualised violence is also necessary. Such incidents, as described above, may be the sad extreme case. In communicating about it, however, we have also noticed that more everyday forms of sexualized violence – no less “bad” as a result – also take place. This ranges from offensive derogative comments to obvious and constant stretching while showering to sexualised border crossings, for example at parties.

We very much regret the incident at the Mixed-DM in Lüneburg. We believe it is important to defend and restore openness and mutual respect in the Ultimate.

Thank you for reading our mail. Thanks for sharing it. Thank you for coming to talk to your fellow players about how we can make Ultimate a safe place for all of us.

Your Ultimate Farmers Lüneburg

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German Championships

German Championships Nord-West 3rd/4th league Mixed in Lüneburg

A week after Farmvillecup the German championships are coming to Lüneburg.

The following teams play in the 3rd league

Farmvillecup 2018

It is over!

Time flew by like a flying disc. We only slept to short nights and our Farmvillecup 2018 was over.

We had an amazing weekend with all teams coming to Lüneburg. All teams fought till the end – on the fields and on the dance floor. We saw beautiful throws, lay-outs and people while enjoying awesome weather.

This year’s Farmvillecup will be listed in history books with all its emotions and people who made it possible and who made it such an experience. Such a weekend would not be possible without the outstanding enthusiasm of all teams. The Farmers are lucky that you took the chance to come all the long way to Lüneburg to play the best sport in the world.

We, therefore, want to thank all participating teams again for their spirit, engagement and fun they shared with us. Furthermore, we want to thank all Farmers who made this unique weekend possible. Could not have been better!

Additionally, we congratulate Rubik’s Cube on this year’s win of the Farmvillecup. Also, we say thank you to Siegfried und den roydigen Tigern for an amazing final and a deserved win of our beer race. The caracals from Wuppertal were honored for their extraordinary spirit.

Thanks again to all teams and we are looking forward to any other tournament in Germany or the World!!


Endnote: If you want to watch the final once again – there you go! Thanks to AC Hoyer Sport for catching all emotions and games!

Farmvillecup 2018

We are getting excited!

Our Farmvillecup 2018 is about to kick off in three days.

Lüneburg Farmers – Ultimate Frisbee started their preparations weeks ago and are freaking out about a new #ultimate weekend in Lüneburg. Seeds for discs were sown and ultimately we could harvest fresh and well-weighted discs. Spreads and cakes will be produced in the upcoming days to offer a big variety of vegan/vegetarian food to all our loved players. Most importantly, we ordered sun, sun and fun!

You should be thrilled by a lot of smoothly flying discs, salads, cakes and, of course, a shit load of fun and party.

You Cowpanions are awaiting you.

To better overcome the long time of waiting, we offer a short flashback on last year’s and a short glimpse on this year’s Farmvillecup. Again, AC Hoyer Sport, thank you so much for your video.

We are so much looking forward to welcome all of you in Lüneburg in just a couple of days 🙂

#HipHip #Muhraay! #3daystogo

Farmers on Tour

Muhraay in Münster!

For our weekend before pentecost we went to FKT’s 22nd edition in Münster. We wanted to rock that: FKT should have been our preparation tournament for the German championship in june. No chance! Only five people could make it to Münster. However, the Farmers have friends everywhere in the world, so we set up a new team: FARMERS & FRIENDS. Thanks to massive support from Wuppertal, Oldenburg, Münster, Lübeck, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt we did have terrific fun.

We succeeded in our first pool games against Ilmenau and Porta Pirates from Trier, in which our rookie Marvin scored twice. Third in the row was Jungspunde from Münster. In a gigantic and intense Ultimate Game Greenhorn beat us. We lost our next game against the Dutchhumans because of a suprising play. There was no chance to reach the semi-finals. In our last game on saturday we won against our close friends from Hamburg Alsters. On sunday, we lost our two point lead and ultimately lost against Frizzly Bears from Aachen. We finished on 11th place after we have succeeded against the Caracals from Wuppertal.

Special thanks to all our Pick-Up-Players!! Wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you Indis for an unbelievable tournament, to all our FRIENDS and all people who were in charge of the tournament. See you soon!