Farmvillecup 2018

Farmvillecup 2018 was a fantastic tournament for us. We thank all teams who came to Lüneburg to play ultimate with us all weekend long.

The final ranking:

  1. Rubiks Cube (Berlin/Hamburg)
  2. Siegfried und die roydigen Tiger (Hamburg u. a.)
  3. Wuppertal Caracals
  4. Trondheim Reunited
  5. Hund flach werfen (Berlin)
  6. Göttinger 7
  7. PrinzHessinen
  8. Chesham (UK)
  9. Früher Kühe heute Steaks (Lüneburg)
  10. Red Eagles (Berlin)
  11. Hamburg Alsters
  12. TeKielas (Kiel)
  13. Baltimate (Lübeck)
  14. Griffins Lehre (Greifswald)
  15. Sunblocker Oldenburg
  16. Rot Pot Braunschweig
  17. Endzonis Rostock
  18. Torpedogeister (Emden/Dortmund)
  19. Fischkutter Hambug
  20. Indiscutabel Münster
  21. Lüneburg Farmers
  22. Muddikanten (Bremen)
  23. Ultmarker (Stendal)
  24. Studentenfutter Lüneburg

Spirit trophy: Caracals aus Wuppertal,

Beerrace trophy: Siegfried und die roydigen Tiger

Party trophy: Hamburg Alsters

The final was recored by A.C. Hoyer (Many thanks!):



Basic Info

Date: 9th – 10th June, 2018

Location: 4 fields on 2 lawns at VfL Lüneburg in the middle of the city (Am Grasweg 27, 21335 Lüneburg).

Mode: Light Mixed (min. 2 Women/Men)

Accomodation: You can set up your tents next to the fields.

Food: rural & delicious

Fees: 100,00€ (Team Fee)/ 15,00€ (Players Fee )

Travel information: Most ICEs and ICs as well as the Metronom stop at Lüneburg train station. By feet you will need approx. 25 minutes to the fields passing through the lovely city of Lüneburg. If you travel by car you can take the A39 coming from north or west. Coming from south you may take the A7 and exit at Soltau Ost to follow the B209 to Lüneburg. Coming from East you will propably take the A27 until Zerrentin and take the rural roads to Lüneburg passing the Elbe in Lauenburg. Free parking is available directly at the fields in Sültenweg or on “Sülzwiesen” (Am Bargenturm).

For train tickets, check the Deutsche Bahn “Saver fare finder”. They do have very good deals for a few european destinations / departures.

If you choose to fly, check flights for Hamburg Airport, Hannover Airport or Bremen Airport. Hamburg airport is the closest.


We are looking forward to see you in Lüneburg!

Eure Farmers

Impressions from last year (2017) – Interviews in German

Thanks to A.C. Hoyer for the video content.