Code of Conduct

The Farmvillecup aims to be a space where everyone can have a good time. The sports event is based on the existing Ultimate Frisbee rules, with a special emphasis on the “Spirit of the Game” [1].

We strive to handle individual boundaries and needs with attentiveness and sensitivity. It is about mutual support, creating a space where no discriminatory, intrusive, or violent behavior is tolerated, and where boundaries are defined by the individuals themselves. As organizers, we aim to provide a safe and calm environment as a point of contact.

Therefore, it is important to respect personal boundaries. Not everyone wishes to be naked in the presence of others, consume alcohol, touch bare chests, or be touched by strangers. Please be mindful not to restrict, hurt, or pressure anyone through your actions. Together, we want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

To establish the framework, we have developed a code of conduct that defines how we want to interact and communicate during the event.

Code of Conduct

  1. “Spirit of the Game”: I will follow the rules of the game, especially the philosophy:
    • Respect: I respect my teammates and opponents during the game and at the event, demonstrating fairness and integrity.
    • Safety in the game: I am aware of my personal responsibility and exercise self-control.
    • I will foster a positive game atmosphere. I strive to resolve disagreements without conflict and I am mindful of my words and body language.
  2. Any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.
  3. I practice consent: Individual boundaries will be respected – No means no! And even more importantly, only yes means yes!
  4. Power of definition: The affected person always determines where an infringement begins and has the right to decide how to proceed after the incident.

If you feel that an important aspect is missing, please feel free to contact us as the organizers.

If there is any intrusive or discriminatory behavior during the event, there will be consequences. A lack of understanding for intrusive or discriminatory behavior that endangers others will result in immediate exclusion from the event. The use of illegal substances is generally discouraged.

If you take pictures, please also be mindful of who you are photographing and, if necessary, obtain consent from the individuals being photographed. This is especially important if the photos will be shared on the internet. Give people the chance to feel undocumented.

The Awareness Team is here for you and wants to support you. Feel free to reach out to us if you need a safe space.

[1] Our concept development was inspired by and the “Spirit of the Game” and was partially adapted from their materials. The complete concept can be found at and