Ultimate is a team sport. It is played on a field which is as long as a football/soccer field but only half as wide. At each end of the field is an endzone (similar to american football or rubgy). The goal is to pass the disc upfield and to catch it in the opposing endzone. A player may not run as long as he or she has possession of the disc. He or she may hold the disc up to 10 seconds before passing. If the disc drops to the ground or the other team intercepts the disc, possession of the disc changes and the other team may try to score a point. Deliberate body contact is not allowed.


The ultimate field. Source

Ultimte is played without a referee! Each player is reponsible to oversee rule compliance and may call rule violations. If the players do not agree on a given situation, the disc returns to the last player who had possession of the disc before the disputed violation.

Match Example

Ultimate played on the highest level – Final of the World Championship 2016 in London (Mixed Division):


Links to official rule documents

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