On 15.03.2017 15 ultimate players came together to establish the first ultimate club in Lüneburg: Ultimate Frisbee Lüneburg e.V. Since this date we are a registered association in Germany. The team, however, already exists much longer. In the late 1990’s the first univeristy team from Lüneburg took part at the German University Championship (“Hochschulmeisterschaften”).

Since 2012 each summer we organize the Farmvillecup and in winter 2018 we decided it was time to host our first indoor tournament: The Wintermelken.

Our trainig sesssions take place at the Leuphana University. We are always looking forward to welcome new people! You find more information about our practice here.

Club Membership

There are two ways to become a member of Ultimate Frisbee Lüneburg e.V. You can either submit the online form or you print the declaration of membership and the data privacy statements and send the completed forms to (You can also bring the forms to our training sessions or you send them via old-school post to Ultimate Frisbee Lüneburg e.V., Radbrucher Weg 13, 21444 Vierhöfen).

Please not that all forms regarding the membership are only available in German. However, we are more than happy to help you with any issue via mail or in person during training sessions.

The membership fee is 40€ per year for adults and 30€ per year for minors. The following services are included

– membership at “Deutscher Frisbeesportverband – DFV” (necessary to take part at official tournaments)
– membership at “Kreissportbund Lüneburg”
– member insurance via “Landessportbund Niedersachsen” at all club events
– organisation of the club (administration, account management, home)
– proportional reduction (25%) of team fee costs at tournaments

Download our statute (pdf)

Club Account
Ultimate Frisbee Lüneburg e.V.
IBAN: DE28240603008537433400
Volksbank Lüneburger Heide

Zuständigkeiten im Verein
first chairman – Alexander Meyer
Second chairman – Luca Linus Schnackenberg
treasurer – Malte Bläring
press officer – Juliane Müller
secretary – Christian Wapenhensch
assist – Annika Baldowski, Anika Rauterberg, Tobias Hecht
Farmvillecup Communication – Felix Lemke

Info for new members

You joined the Farmers or you are planning to do so? We try to use only one method of communcation. Therefore, we use a web-based application which can also be used on computers as well as smartphones. Our SPOND group provides all information necessary about upcoming events, tournaments or official meetings. If you are a… Continue reading Info for new members